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About Tracy-sprees

Wednesday, October 24

Tracy-sprees Homepage (Disclaimer) About Tracy-Sprees

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Tracy Annabelle:
With more than 7 years of experience in conducting sprees,TRACY-SPREES is proud to present to you goods imported exclusively from Taiwan, Korea, China,Japan, Australia, Canada USA and UK . Tracy-sprees will always strive to provide friendly customer service and fast,efficient spree handling to ensure smooth arrival of goods. Tracy-sprees is also proud to provide Mass Order services at a cheap handling price so as to allow greater savings for all our customers.We also caters to people who wish to get their goods directly delivered to them through our private sprees. (Meant for people who cannot wait for mass order capping and prefer to get their goodies earlier)

Rest assured that when shopping at tracy-sprees we will constantly revise the ex-rates accordingly to ensure fair play for everyone.

Our site is not just open to ladies out there but to gentlemens as well! Tracy-sprees has always been organizing fashion Men Mass orders like and site specially catered to men and their grooming needs .

Not to Mention, Tracy-sprees also provides Boutique goods Shopping Service for boutique stores in the USA/UK.(Limited to 1 item per person per order,GST charges may be applicable).The plus thing is,you can save an amount of 50SGD-200 SGD or more with this shopping service.

Last but not least,Tracy-sprees also provides bidding service and purchase service for auction sites like yahoo, ebay,amazon.

You can find tracy-sprees hosting shopping services in major web forums like hardwarezone,, etc (username:xweiyunx/xxweiyunxx/tracy-sprees/tracy1234). However, due to rather bad livejournal user interface we are not expanding towards livejournal.

Tracy-sprees also welcome bulk/huge orders for corporate purposes or major events like churchs and stuffs.Have helped ordered 999 pairs of slippers for a church event and more to go !

Without further ado, let the fun of shopping without borders begin!
Happy spreeing folks!
With sugar-coated loves,

Tracy Annabelle


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