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Zipia mo closing today!
tracy_sprees Spree (Mass Order) Closes Twice a week Monthly spree Korea Mixed Order Spree (Order anything you want from korea) Spree (Mass Order) Closes Twice a week
Korea Clothings (Direct import from Korea)
Monthly Spree (Closes 4 times a month)

Zipia Spree : For Men and Woman
Organized up till Zipia MO 109 batches and still counting

Status: Still on-going (2013)

**Closing every Thursday and Sunday.This spree never ends ***
Items are despatch via DHL instead of EMS which are relatively faster.

Guaranteed items arrival in 14 days time
Tracy Annabelle ships internationally. Shipped to New Zealand, Malaysia, and lastly, Canada before.

Based in Singapore

Payment Mode:
OCBC current acct
UOB Savings
How to view clothings:

Ex rate:  1.33(updated as of 13/07/2013)
Waiting time:  Guaranteed items arrival in 14 days time
Handling: $0.50/item
Shipping fee:
Accesories (watches, bracelet, belt, rings, tie, stockings, leggings, spectacles, sunglasses) = US$1.20

Tops, Polo T-shirts (including ladies dress) = US$2.60

Jeans, Pants, Jackets and cardigans, any leather/denim clothings = US$3.80

shoes(sneakers) and small bags = US$4.50

Boots and large bags = US$5.50

Full Coat = US$6

Item price in USD+ shipping price in USD =Total
Total *1.33 +$0.50 handling per item =Total amt payable.

Simply click on e product you wish to buy and add to basket using this account .
You will be able to see all the details of the clothing.

Then, send me the order for me to verify your order.
(please e-mail to not gmail)

Phone number:
Mailing address:(write NA if choosing meet-up)
Meet-up only available outside Tampines junior college main gate.

item 1 :
code :
wholesale price : US$
sub total : US$
material :
Eng Color : black
Kor Color : 블랙
size : one

item 2:
code :
wholesale price : US$
sub total : US$
material :
Eng Color : black
Kor Color : 블랙
size : one

Total:USD of good+ shipping USD *1.33+ Handling fee($0.50/item)

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hi can i still order? the spree closes tomorrow thursday 7/11??

Yes, you may still order, i closes my MO twice a week.

I host it in guy forum hardwarezone as well.

You may e-mail me at for your orders.

Ok noted, thanks for the quick reply.

I will email you my order. Is it possible i email you before 8pm when i am home? but i will transfer the cash before 3pm.

I dont see your posb savings acc number here as well.

P.S sorry i am new here.

Thank you

Yes, you may e-mail me and pay me as long as its before 11.30pm tonight.

In the email i shall advise the payment mode available.

Feel very at ease, if you have any queries just ask away i will guide you through.

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